Podcast: TalkRadar UK Episode 33

In podcast episode 33 Dave Houghton, Dave Meikleham and Nathan Irvine discuss why none of them are feeling Natal just yet; what they think about the iPad; Dave's embarassing obsession with online browser game Neptune's Pride; and Question of the Week looks into technical failings in next-gen games that bug the hell out of us.

Plus, someone actually phones us up on the GamesRadar hotline which segues nicely into a heated debate about what annoysthe guysmost about forum posters.

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TalkRadar UK - Episode 33 (1:04:05)

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Post date: Wednesday 7th March 2010
Run time: 1:04:05
Music by:Sabrepulse(intro song: Famicom Connection (Tajfel Nipple Remix)