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Pocket Pool review

A sex-fueled billiards game spilling over with breasts, balls, and loads of sloppy sucking

Let’s start the list: there are three different settings for “ball speed” – apparently trying to model how worn in the table is – but none feel quite right, with balls often seeming to slow down abnormally quickly. The balls themselves often move suspiciously when hit too, though we’re not entirely sure if that’s the fault of the physics computing or the fact that the aiming – which uses the d-pad instead of the analog stick - is completely imprecise. Or possibly both.

If you’re playing ad-hoc with another human (by the way, there’s no “pass-the-PSP” multiplayer mode, which is completely insane), you’re both saddled by these handicaps and it evens out. A CPU-controlled opponent will rarely have similar problems though. Like a drunken college freshman trying to channel Minnesota Fats, they consistently pass up easy balls and instead attempt crazy trick shots that involve banking the target orb off the side rails four times. Granted, these stunts ram home into a side pocket with alarming frequency, but that’s a different complaint.

More Info

DescriptionPocket Pool bills itself as the sexiest pool game ever created - which it is. The trouble is, it's just not very good otherwise.
US censor ratingMature
Release date18 April 2007 (US), 27 April 2007 (UK)