PlayStation Trophy level changes are coming, here's how they work

(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation Trophy changes are coming in the leadup to PS5, but don't worry, you won't lose any of your hard-won progress.

The biggest change in the new system is the scale of PlayStation Trophy levels. You used to work your way up level 1 to 100 by collecting Trophies - with Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum trophies contributing progressively more to your level - but now the level scale will be more granular with progression all the way from 1 to 999.

Your current score will translate over automatically in the new system: in a PlayStation Blog post explaining the change, product management director Toshimasa Aoki gave the example that if your current level is 12, your new level should fall somewhere in the low 200s. Your score may be even higher than you expect if you're a dedicated Platinum hunter, since Sony has increased how much Platinum trophies contribute to your overall score to better reflect the effort they require.

The new level ranges will be accompanied by icons that you can proudly bear on your PSN profile: they range from Bronze to Platinum, and they even accrue extra flourishes to show how close you are to reaching the next rank from Bronze to Gold.

These PlayStation Trophy changes will go live starting tonight in the US, and they'll be reflected on all supported consoles. Sony also confirmed that your existing PlayStation Trophy and new level will come along with you to PS5, just like how they made the jump from the PS3 era to PS4.

Sony literally took us inside the next generation with an official teardown video for PS5. 

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