PlayStation Studios now has its own Steam curator franchise page

Horizon Zero Dawn
(Image credit: Sony)

PlayStation seems to be starting its own Steam curator franchise page to keep all of its games in one place on Valve's PC storefront.

As spotted by Reddit user SulyvahnThe2nd, the Steam store pages for both Horizon Zero Dawn and Days Gone now both have a link to "Check out the entire franchise on Steam." They link to the same Steam curator page, which is currently blank. Once I hit the Follow button on that page, I could see on the Days Gone listing that it was "part of a franchise you follow" - mousing over the broken image in that section reveals an alt text popup for "PlayStation Studios."

It makes perfect sense for PlayStation Studios to start putting all of the games it brings to Steam in one place (Steam currently lists them as being published by PlayStation Mobile Inc., which is likely a holdover from previous projects). Even if it's the most sensible thing in the world, it's still blowing our minds a bit to think about what a big change in philosophy this shows for PlayStation's approach to its biggest exclusives.

PlayStation boss Jim Ryan confirmed back in February that Days Gone, which is set to arrive on PC on May 18, will be joined on PC by a "whole slate" of PS4 games. We've yet to hear any more official news about what the rest of that slate will include, but it sadly sounds like the latest Bloodborne PC rumors don't hold much water.

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