PlayStation Store price glitch lists some games for £10,000

PlayStation Store
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Greedfall, Dead Cells, Street Fighter 5, AO Tennis 2, and likely many more games have been priced at £10,000 due to a glitch in the PlayStation Store. 

This glitch has been around for some time, with some reports going back to September 2020 (as Twitter user Daniel Clark found), but there's been a curious uptick in reports of £10,000 games in the past few weeks, perhaps owing to the influx of PlayStation users who opened a new console over the holidays. 

IGN spotted new screenshots of price glitches for Greedfall and Dead Cells, and another Twitter user noticed that AO Tennis 2 was listed for £10,000 just last month. 

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None of these games are currently listed at this eye-watering price on the browser version of the UK PlayStation Store, and we haven't been able to spot or replicate the price glitch while browsing the store on a PS5. 

With GreedFall affected, I thought it might have something to do with the free PS Plus games for January 2021, but no cigar; the other games are still regularly priced from what I can see. So whatever's causing this, it seems to be pretty rare and isolated. 

It's equally possible that Sony has squashed this glitch since these errors were spotted, if only on a game-by-game basis. Naturally, there's no risk of anyone actually being overcharged for a game. I reckon a £9,940 price increase would raise some red flags for both the buyer and the checkout process. 

That's no glitch: this PS5 actually costs $10,000, on account of it being covered in honest-to-god gold plating. 

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