PlayStation boss says "we should expect more" acquisitions in the future

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PlayStation boss Jim Ryan has said fans "should expect more" following the announcement of its Bungie acquisition yesterday.

According to's Chris Dring, Jim Ryan has hinted at the fact this is not the only acquisition PlayStation has planned for the future. Dring also says that the PlayStation Bungie deal has been in the works for the past five to six months, and therefore is not a reaction to the Take-Two/Zynga or Microsoft/Activision deals that have also been seen recently. 

Instead, Dring says: "The motivation behind Sony’s acquisition of Bungie is to help boost its own abilities to make live-service, multiplatform games." Dring also points out that "equally, Sony unlocks the potential for Bungie to strengthen its technical capabilities and the prospect of taking its games to movies/TV." 

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To add even more to the acquisition speculation, Jeff Grubb recently said on a podcast episode that an "even bigger" acquisition is on the horizon when discussing the PlayStation Bungie deal - however, doesn’t specify if this is for Microsoft, PlayStation, or another gaming company. Grubb then appears to drop the hint "it takes two to tango" before clearing up that it has nothing to do with Take-Two or Hazelight who developed the co-op game It Takes Two. 

It’s possible that Grubb could be teasing some news about Capcom being acquired by one of the companies due to the "it takes two to tango" hint. As pointed out by @Shpeshal_Nick on Twitter, Resident Evil 5 has an achievement in it called "It Takes Two to Tango," but this is the only connection that has been made at this time. 

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