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PlayRadar: We march onto the battlefields of CoD4 on PS3 (and get pwned)

Having performed reasonably well inour 360 matches two weeks ago, we were sure that with two extra weeks practice we’d have no problem keeping up with even the most skilled players on the PSN. Oh, how wrong we were. Take a look at our match reports below, and if you were one of the ones pumping us full of lead, thanks. Thanks a lot.

Game: Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare
Match type: Free-for-all
Maps played: Vacant, Crash, Strike, Shipment, Showdown, Wetwork, District, Overgrown, Crossfire, Pipeline
Who Pwned? RICCIGOWNZ, wwwwweeeeeeeeeee, gas-gas, Delta855

Match Highlights: Game 1
Things started slowly with only two players willing to take us on. This number had increased to five by the end of the game, but as we only managed to kill three people, we weren’t surprised to find ourselves second from bottom come the end of the round.

Match 2
Getting our first kill within 10 seconds filled us with confidence. This continued as we randomly lobbed grenades and picked up a few more kills. However this run of luck soon came to an end. A well placed air strike would have killed us, if we weren't already full of holes and face-down on the tarmac. Even a change of class half way through the game didn’t help and we failed to climb higher than the dizzying heights of last place.

Match 3
We should have know that letting a member of the team who hasn’t played the game before was a bad idea. And we really should have taken the controller away whentheysaid “which button is shoot”. Still, he did manage to kill three people before getting knifed in the back by Delta855

Match 4
The close quarter combat of shipment saw us turn the ground a nice shade of red within four seconds of the match starting. This resulted in us taking up a new tactic we have called “hiding”. Using this superb military manoeuvre we managed to string together a 3-kill-streak and a total of 13 kills

Match 5
Finally we found some form, and started the match by getting the first kill of the round. However, this time our new ‘hiding’ tactic was met with multiple grenades, courtesy of wwwwweeeeeeeeeee, and the sharp end of Delta855’s blade.

Match 6
We managed to climb up to fourth by the end of this round, and we’d like to think we could have got higher. But if people are going to shoot us in the face while we’re admiring our previous kill then we have no chance do we.

Match 7
Two three-kill-streaks saw us place third at the end of this match. But that was not before we learnt that trying to throw back live grenades ends with them exploding in your face, and that a knife will never beat a gun in a fight.

Match 8
By this point RICCIGOWNZ had started to become annoying and so we made it our mission to take him down at every opportunity. This was going well until we decided to focus our energy on taking down the numerous helicopters that were circling overhead rather than gunning for actual people. This is probably why we finished fifth.

Match 9
Now we were playing with the elite, having only five players to aim for made this an intense fire-fight for the duration. Which ended, we’re pleased to say, with us finishing in second.

Match 10
We entered the final game with renewed confidence and our heads held high. And despite dying a total of 21 times – we managed to place third, and only one kill behind second.

PlayRadar will return on 24 April. If you want to get involved just send a friend request to our PSN or Xbox LIVE account and we’ll invite you into one of our games the next time we play.

Xbox LIVE ID: PlayRadar
PSN ID: PlayRadar

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