Playing a leaked copy of Pokemon Sun & Moon could get you banned from Nintendo's online services

Some people out there are big fans of the Pokemon series. I get that. Some people out there are such big fans that they felt they just couldn't wait to play the game. I get that, too. What I don't get is how anyone who would play an early copy of Pokemon Sun or Pokemon Moon would be surprised that Nintendo could ban them from online services. Yet that's what's happening over on Reddit.

An image posted to the r/3dshacks subreddit shows a 3DS screen with the warning, "This device's access to online services has been restricted by Nintendo." The uploader of the image says that the notification popped up after he tried to use the Wonder Trade system, which lets players swap Pokemon online.

Others in the comments are claiming they got the same message, and that the ban not only restricts them from playing Pokemon online, but all Nintendo online services. There also doesn't seem to be a specified time limit on the bans, so who knows when or if those affected will be able to use their accounts online again.

While the post is referring specifically to ROM copies and not legitimate versions that some retailer has accidentally let loose into the wild ahead of release date, I wouldn't test your luck if you happen to score an early copy. Pokemon Sun and Pokemon Moon come out November 18 - hang in there just a couple more days.

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Sam Prell

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