Players voice frustration over lack of Battlefield 2042 beta dates

Battlefield 2042
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Battlefield 2042 beta dates are still yet to be announced, and the game's community is beginning to make its frustrations known.

Some players were invited to a limited-numbers technical test via the EA Playtest program earlier this month. EA and DICE have already confirmed that a Battlefield 2042 beta testing phase will happen, and that that test is set to begin in September. With September just a few hours away, players' expectations are high, but at time of writing, there's been no word from either publisher or developer.

That's driving some members of the community to seek information elsewhere. Noted Battlefield leaker Tom Henderson has been one source, suggesting in one tweet (opens in new tab) that "we should finally hear something on Battlefield 2042 between August 31st - September 2nd." In a follow-up (opens in new tab), however, Henderson said that he had "no idea when the Battlefield 2042 beta is," and that while a test early this month might make sense, there's no guarantee that DICE will allow players in just yet.

The lack of communication between EA/DICE and the player base has some members of the community venting their frustrations in a more creative manner. The game's subreddit is filled with players lamenting the development team's silence, with memes referencing everything from Marvel's What If (opens in new tab)… to Cyanide and Happiness (opens in new tab).

Right now, the subreddit is affectionate, if persistent, in its frustration. As one player points out, however, DICE's wording means that the beta might not arrive until the very end of the month. If that does end up being the case, the community's attitude might shift somewhat, but hopefully we'll see some sort of announcement soon.

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