Play The Division for free up to level 8 (or 6 hours) and transfer your progress to the full game

If you were always curious but never quite sure about The Division, your patience has paid off. Along with a new expansion and major patch, Ubisoft has made the game free to play up to level 8, or 6 hours of play, whichever comes first.

Other than these restrictions, you're playing the main game, not a pared-down version. That means your gear, weapons, progress, etc will all transfer over to the full game should you decide to continue your adventures in post-outbreak New York.

The trial is available now for Xbox One and PC, and will be available March 9 on PS4.

If you keep playing, you'll be able to enjoy a bunch of features added by update 1.6, which includes a new Legendary difficulty, three new zones added to the Dark Zone (The Division's PvP area), balance tweaks to how health and armor work, and a whole lot more. You can read the full patch notes here.

And if you're feeling really Division-y, today also marks the release of the game's third expansion, Last Stand. Last Stand is not only the name of said DLC, but also a new mode added to the Dark Zone. Two teams of 8 players each will need to secure and control three areas while completing various objectives and missions, first team to reach max score wins. Think of it kinda like a more complicated version of King of the Hill.

Last Stand also adds a new incursion (The Division's version of raids), Stolen Signal.

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