Play The Sims 3 on your browser

EA has released a new demo for The Sims 3, which wouldn't be news unless (1) it were 2009 again, or (2) the new demo took the form of an online, browser-based affair – highlighting content from multiple editions of the game without requiring you to download or install a damn thing. And as you're clever, you've probably guessed that option (2) is exactly what's happened. Curious about this Sims 3 thing you've been hearing of for two years now? One click and you'll be playing a sampler.

Above: In this screenshot, the Sim on the left represents you, playing The Sims 3 demo on a browser in the library

Above: In this screenshot, the Sim also represents you... in your underwear... making a mummy bend over

The twenty-minute demo rolls together characters, items and environments from the core Sims 3, the Late Night and World Adventures expansions, and more. If you like the sampler, a link is considerately provided that will allow you to unburden yourself of some funds in exchange for a full purchase of the title on Origin. EA contends that a browser-based trial of full-featured software like The Sims 3 is proof positive that we've finally arrived in The Future. We're still hanging out for airships.

Sep 29, 2011