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Play as Kratos's brother in God of War III

After five years, even the most badass lead character starts to get a little boring. So for God of War III, you'll be able to play as Deimos, the brother of everyone's favorite fictional god Kratos.

Or more specifically, you'll be able to unlock a skin that makes Kratos look like his brother. Of course, Sony isn't just going to hand this away for free so anyone who wants the cool skin will have to buy God of War: Ghost of Sparta for the PSP.

Above: God of War: Ghost of Sparta "origins" trailer

It's not just getting to play as someone who looks different than Kratos, though. Equipping the Deimos skin lets players earn four times the amount of health and magic, as well as God Orbs. Ka-ching!

Deimos, who looks like a younger, hairier version of the bald Kratos, was referenced in the first and third games in the series, butdidn't havea prominent role. In Greek mythology, Deimos was the god of fear, dread, and terror. Sounds like he has a lot to live up to.

Above: Deimos. He's the god of fear and dread but apparently still can't put on a shirt

Gamers who want the special download code for the upcoming God of War III PS3 game should look for "specially marked boxes" of Ghost of Sparta when that game comes out November 2. Additionally, anyone who doesn't have a PSP yet and buys the special hardware bundle including Ghost of Sparta, will also receive a voucher.

Source:PlayStation Blog

Oct 7, 2010

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