Play as Geralt from The Witcher in Resident Evil 2 with this new mod

A new mod has surfaced for the Resident Evil 2 remake that lets you play as Geralt from The Witcher. You can check out a video of the mod in action up top.

The Resident Evil 2 remake is no stranger to mods that swap out characters, like the one that makes Mr. X the horrible Goose from Untitled Goose Game, or the one that turns him into Pennywise from It, or another that lets you play as Ellie from The Last of Us. There are dozens more, but this one featuring Geralt from The Witcher games and TV series pits Mr. X against perhaps his most formidable foe yet.

The mod comes from Wiwilz, who also developed a mod that replaces Claire with Ciri. Unlike the Ciri mod though, the one that replaces Leon with Geralt features facial animations, making things look a bit more natural.

To note, the Geralt mod isn't compatible with any of the Resident Evil 2 remake's DLC costumes, with the exception of Arklay Sheriff. And while it's to be expected, you can't actually wield Geralt's silver and steel swords. The best you can do is to use a knife while the swords stay strapped to Geralt's back. Or, you can throw authenticity to the wind, equip a shotgun, and imagine Geralt's gleeful amazement of the technology's killing power.

PC players can download the Resident Evil 2 remake Geralt mod over at Nexus Mods, but do note that you'll need to also download fluffyquack's mod manager for installation.

Whether you're Leon, Ellie, or Geralt, you'll want to consult our 12 essential Resident Evil 2 tips to survive Mr. X's treachery.

Jordan Gerblick

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