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OPM Platinum Club - Far Cry 4

After the tough challenges of the last few months, Far Cry 4 offers a change of pace with a fun and relatively simple Plat. Choose any difficulty and start by completing the main campaign missions while liberating as many Bell Towers as you can. This not only reveals sections of the map to make navigation easier, but also earns you End Transmission once you clear eight of them.

With the story done, focus on liberating the remaining Outposts to get the All Clear, ensuring you follow Walter White’s advice and Tread Lightlyby clearing one of them without triggering an alarm. It’s also a good idea to chuck rocks around during this phase to unlock Misdirection, which you can pull off by luring 15 guards away with well-lobbed pebbles.

There are plenty of collectibles to track down, so make things a lot easier by purchasing map unlocks from Trading Posts, which display grabbable goodies on your in-game map. No need sigh at those icons - you only have to nab half of each collectible type at most in order to earn their respective trophies. For example, you need to get 30 of the 150 Propaganda Posters scattered across Kyrat to get Rewriting History - making the whole process a lot less painful than the usual trinket-trawling.

With the Outposts liberated all side-missions should be available, so start tackling these next. Bear in mind that repelling Outpost Retaliation Parties, hijacking Royal Cargo Trucks and eliminating Pagan’s Wrath convoys all occur as random events, so focus on clearing these wherever possible. By working through the side-mission and miscellaneous trophies you should meet the requirements to unlock all skills for both The Tiger and The Elephant, then you just need to farm enough XP for the skill points required to learn them all and get Fully Loaded.

This should just leave you with multiplayer awards to wrap up, so hop into the Map Browser and select ‘Top Rated Outpost’. Download any map that appears then either liberate the Outpost or get killed to receive Community Surprise. Next, go to Battle Of Kyrat and play a public match (win or lose) in each of the three online game types for Renaissance Man.

For the co-op challenges it’s best to team up with a friend, then get them to invite you into their lobby so you play as Hurk and take down an Outpost or fortress together to receive the Brothers In Arms trophy. Finally, hop into the passenger seat of a vehicle and get your partner to drive alongside an enemy transport so you can perform a devastating (and hella satisfying) vehicle takedown for Changing Lanes.

So long as you’ve taken care of all the other tasks you’ll now be the rightful Master Of Kyrat, and have a simple, yet shiny, Platinum trophy as your reward.

Iain Wilson
Guides Editor

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