PlanetSide Arena blasts into Early Access in September with two battle royale modes

PlanetSide Arena is coming to Steam Early Access September 19 with two team-based 300-player battle royale modes, after multiple delays. A development letter including a new cinematic trailer and a year one roadmap details what early buyers can expect, including the 12-player per-team Squads mode and the 3-player per-team Teams mode.

For clarity's sake, the initial launch of PlanetSide Arena Early Access will feature only the battle royale modes, but future updates will introduce Solos mode, holiday events, aircraft, and Massive Clash, which will support up to 1,000 players.

"Our initial launch in Early Access will feature the new Squads mode (12 soldiers per Squad) and Teams mode (3 soldiers per Team) in epic 300-player matches. Three initial character classes (Assault, Engineer, and Medic) and an expansive motor pool including tanks, hovercraft, and jetpacks offer players a variety of strategies and play styles to choose from in every match, with freer movement mechanics and more explosive combat options than ever before," reads the developer blog.

For $20, you get PlanetSide Arena: Recruit Edition, which comes with the base game, crates, and a banner exclusive to Early Access players. Step up to the Legendary Edition for $50 and you get all that plus additional crates, exclusive skins for the Assault, Medic, and Engineer classes, and an extra key for the Recruit Edition so you can play with a friend.

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Jordan Gerblick

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