Pixar Studios Tour: Taking Monsters University Masterclasses

For movie fans, Pixar's Californian studios are infamous.

As the place that birthed some of the greatest animations of all time, a peek behind the Steve Jobs-designed doors is a rarity.

So you can understand why we were more than a little excited to visit the Emeryville base for an exclusive look at the artistry behind Monsters University .

Along the way, we took part in a few Monster Masterclasses of our own (cue embarrassing recording booth silliness), chatted to the movie legends behind Mike and Sulley, John Goodman and Billy Crystal, had a natter with producer Corey Rae and director/co-writer Dan Scanlon, and caught up with the director and creator of the amazing short before Monsters Uni , called The Blue Umbrella .

Monsters University and its short The Blue Umbrella open in the UK on 12 July 2013.