Pilotwings Resort Cheats

Pilotwings Resort Unlockables

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    Evening Flight: Get 30 I Rings in Free Flight Mode

    Night Flight: Get 45 I Rings in Free Flight Mode

    Meca Hawk: In free flight mode, Meca Hawk appears at Wedge Island when earn 3 stars every mission in Mission Flight mode.

    Personal Castle on Private Island: Collect all 75 Sight Rings

    Balloons: Earn Silver Class

    Extras: Earn Gold Class

    Diamond Class: Earn 3 stars in each class, on every mission

    Meca Hawk Diorama: Earn 3 stars in every Diamond class mission

    Use super aircraft in any mission: Get a perfect score on every mission

    Pedal Glider Get 3 stars on the third Gold Class Hang Glider Mission

    Super Rocket Belt Get 3 stars on the 3rd Platinum Class Rocket Belt Mission

    Turbo Jet Get 3 stars on the 3rd Silver Class Plane Mission

    Ending Credits #2 Clear all missions with a perfect score