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PIKA… eww! Listen to Pikachu talk to Ash in the new Pokemon movie (it's as bad as it sounds)

If you’ve been hiding under a Geodude for the past week you might have missed the most cringeworthy, kill-it-with-fire thing to ever happen to your childhood: Pikachu having a natter with Ash, complete with nails-on-a-chalkboard voice. If you haven’t then, well, step right up. Warning: this comes towards the end of the new movie Pokemon: I Choose You so spoilers ahoy. Also, it’s just plain terrible, so a big ol’ warning for that too. It’s close to NSFW levels.

Firstly, I want to give the clip some context. Yes, it is awful but at this point in the movie Ash is kinda half-dead/seriously concussed. He’s hearing and seeing things. Unfortunately, one of the things he hears is this. Skip to 0:35 for the nostalgia-ruiner…

What to make of that? Oh, geez. I mean, the whole Pikachu not getting into a Pokeball thing had to be resolved at some point. But that’s not the way to do it. Half of Pikachu’s appeal – other than being a tiny yellow mouse thing – is that he’s so emotive without having to speak. So that’s been ruined forever.

2017 won’t let up until everything we’ve loved has been reduced to ash (pun absolutely intended) in our hands, will it?

You can even pre-order Pokemon: I Choose You on DVD now, to relive the moment over and over and over again, like a nightmare carousel intent on scarring the only moments you’ve ever held dear.

I’d love to know what others make of it, especially within the context of the movie. Did you find it just as baffling and WTF-worthy as I did, or weirdly endearing? Let us know in the comments!

Image: OLM

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