PGR4 on the "brink of release"

Sept 6, 2007

Bizarre Creations has sent out word that Project Gotham Racing 4 is almost finished. Good news then.

"So Bizarre is a crazy place to be right now," reads the update. "PGR4 is on the brink of release, which subsequently means that for some people their work here is done. Many of the team are enjoying some well earned time off, but it's bittersweet as they're also on-call should they be needed back at the studio.

"For those of us still here at Bizarre (which is the majority in truth), it's a mad dash to get everything finished, screenshots taken, artwork finalised, etc. etc. Our production team are supervising the certification process at MGS, which is pretty much the last step required before the game 'goes gold' and heads off to manufacturing.

"Needless to say we all want the game to go through cert first time and with flying colours, but if anything is wrong we are still all on hand to sort it out and get it packaged up again for the next attempt.

"Regardless of all this certification tomfoolery, you'll be able to pick up the game on Oct. 2 in the United States, or Oct. 12 in Europe."

Courtesy of CVG (opens in new tab)