PGR3 kicks down the Caddies

Need a high dose of horsepower-packed hotrods? Microsoft and Bizarre Creations have announced the release of three new vehicles from the Cadillac V-series ofdream cars, now available for free download in Project Gotham Racing 3. The 400 horsepower CTS-V, the 443 horsepower XLR-V and the 469 horsepower STS-V may not be all that interesting in name, but who needs cool names when you've got a stampede of stallions under the hood?

This download is available completely free over Xbox Live, so you can immediately give that busted old Lamborghini Gallardo a little garage time. You can even earn a Cadillac Elite gamer picture by placing in the top 100 on the Nurburging F1 racetrack with any of the three new Caddie rides.

May 23, 2006