Peter's heart is more broken than his face in Amazing Spider-Man #5 preview

Amazing Spider-Man #5 art
Amazing Spider-Man #5 art (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

Spider-Man has become an unwitting pawn of his longtime foe Tombstone, taking out Tombstone's rival crime lord the Rose in an effort to save his own life - and to Tombstone's personal benefit, as Peter Parker's actions have taken the Rose out of his way.

Amazing Spider-Man #5 cover (Image credit: Marvel Comics)

But it's not all win-win, as Tombstone's other rivals, including Hammerhead of the Maggia, have begun to suspect Tombstone is somehow working with Spidey in this new preview of Amazing Spider-Man #5 (the last issue before Amazing Spider-Man #6 marks the milestone Legacy number of Amazing Spider-Man #900).

And for Peter's part, he's not out of the woods either, as Black Cat has tracked him down only to discover that he's been beaten to a bloody pulp in his fight with the Rose. Spider-Man has been through a lot, but even the most well-read Spider-fans will likely blanche at the sight of Peter's face broken and bloody, much like the reaction of his one-time paramour Black Cat/Felicia Hardy.

Here's the preview:

Speaking of the one-time love affair between Spider-Man and Black Cat, Felicia may be angling to get back into Spidey's affections by bringing up his "broken heart," which is likely a reference to his apparent split from Mary Jane Watson after the pair seemingly reconciled in in the previous 'Spider-Man Beyond' era.

On the other hand, she may simply be looking to lend a tender ear as a friend - but with Black Cat, there's usually some kind of personal agenda in her ulterior motives.

Amazing Spider-Man #5 goes on sale July 6.

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