Peter Segal entering The Olympics

We had hoped that there would be a moratorium on Olympics-based comedies after the misfire that was The Ringer. But no. Given that America just can’t get enough of sports, whether it’s on film or just in a stadium, Universal is planning a new film based around the first ever Olympiad.

Craig and Jeff Cox have written I, Thalus, which, because Hollywood comedies are clearly more valuable than nuclear secrets or the Colonel’s recipe for fried chicken, is being kept closely guarded by the executives, so we can’t actually tell you what it’s about.

But the studio is happy to release the name of the man they’ve assigned to direct the film – Peter Segal, who has brought us such laugh-filled gems as The Longest Yard and 50 First Dates.

Next month, expect British studios to answer back with a hilarious re-imagining of Chariots Of Fire. Based on farting.

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