Persona 5 Tactica is secretly an isekai starring the next Prime Minister of Japan

Persona 5 Tactica
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Persona 5 Tactica is introducing a character who could be the next Prime Minister of Japan. 

Not content with spiriting our Phantom Thieves away to a fantasy era resembling Revolutionary France, Persona 5 Tactica is now taking a page out of Ni No Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom's book by introducing an esteemed politician to this strange new fantasy land.

Yes, Persona 5 Tactica is an isekai for the next Prime Minister of Japan. As reported by Gematsu, this newcomer to the Persona 5 spin-off is called Toshiro Kasukabe, positioned as a young Diet member of Japan's government, and rumored to be the next Prime Minister of the country.

Unfortunately for Kasukabe, things have gone slightly awry, and he's ended up in an alternate dimension with the Phantom Thieves. He's apparently "deathly afraid of fighting and getting hurt," which isn't a good set of skills to possess when you're fighting for your life in Revolutionary France.

We've already seen Erina, the charming new chibi revolutionary joining the Phantom Thieves as the other newcomer in Persona 5 Tactica. Unlike Kasukabe, though, it looks like Erina actually hails from the world in which all our heroes find themselves stuck. 

The information compiled by Gematsu also reveals you can level up characters by taking them into battle or chatting to them in between missions. You can then take Grow Points accumulated by levelling up and spend them on new skills for our heroes, basically customizing their role in your party.

Persona 5 Tactica launches later this year on November 17 across, PC, PlayStation, Xbox, and Nintendo Switch platforms. 

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