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Persona 5 trailer blows up a pyramid and flees to summer 2016

You may not understand the dialogue, but you will understand the release date at the end. Atlus has published a new Japanese trailer for Persona 5, confirming that the next game in the cult favorite RPG series has been pushed back to summer 2016.

Persona 5 was previously due to release internationally by the end of 2015, so it may be disappointing news for folks who were hoping to build up their social links over the holidays. To be honest, that date was starting to look pretty unlikely since 2015's running out fast - at least now we have a more solid release window to look forward to.

Despite the delay, Atlus still plans to release Persona 5 simultaneously on PS3 and PS4. And until then, we have that drop-dead stylish trailer to watch. You don't really need any language comprehension to appreciate smartly dressed teens fleeing from an exploding pyramid. Seriously, Persona even has a punk-rock take on texting interfaces.

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Connor Sheridan
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