Persona 3 Reload finally gets Portable's beloved and missing female protagonist thanks to some very dedicated modders

Persona 3 Portable
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Persona 3 Reload players have resurrected Portable's beloved female protagonist via a new mod.

Kotone was one of the best things about Persona 3 Portable, but she's been left in the past, confined to the PS Vita game. Now, though, several dedicated fans have plucked Kotone from the past and brought her to Persona 3 Reload via the power of modding, and you can see a gameplay clip just below.

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Reload's entire blue theme has been redone in Kotone's pink theme, which was the color the character was always associated with back in Persona 3 Portable. She even has "skirt physics," as some Twitter users have said, in response to the brief snippet above.

It's worth pointing out that the mod still uses Reload's menu UI, which has the original protagonist, Makoto, emblazoned all over it. This isn't a huge surprise, though - to overhaul Persona 3 Reload's entire UI with a brand new character and theme would be damn near impossible.

If you want to dabble with the mod, you can head to the GitHub page for the 'Femc-Reloaded-Project.' The modders are even seeking other fans to give them a hand resurrecting Kotone for Persona 3 Reload, so if modding is your jam, you might want to consider giving the group a hand.

Considering that developer Atlus has emphasized a few times that Persona 3 Reload is a remake of the original PS2 game and not a remake of Portable, this is sadly the closest we're probably ever getting to playable Kotone in Reload.

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