Pennywise speaks in new trailer for Stephen King's It

Tim Curry's performance in the original TV mini-series adaptation of Stephen King's It is one of the most iconic of his career. So it's no wonder that horror fans were curious how Bill Skarsgard would put his own twist on Pennywise for 2017. A new trailer gives us an idea, as we hear this new version of Pennywise speak for the first time.

It's a softer, gentler voice than Curry used for his performance - but granted, it's only three words while Pennywise tries to convince Georgie he's not a threat. I'm guessing he'll sound slightly more menacing as he starts to terrorize the kids of The Losers' Club.

As if a trans-dimensional clown monster wasn't enough, this also gives us a look at the bullies who torment our young heroes and the adults who turn their heads and pretend not to notice everything awful about the town and current events. There's more than one kind of monster in Derry, it seems.

Sam Prell

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