Pen To Paper: Douglas is the daddy, Emmerich goes BC

If you remember the slapstick rompery of Romancing The Stone and The Jewel Of The Nile (and can block out crime-against-comedy flop The In-Laws) then feel free to rejoice in the news that Michael Douglas has signed up for rib-tickler You, Me and Dupree.

Welcome To Collinwood helmers the Russo brothers will oversee the tale about a newly married couple who invite disaster into their home when they allow the best man to stay with them after exchanging vows. Douglas will play the bride’s controlling father and is joining a top-notch cast including Kate Hudson and Matt Dillon as the blissful bride and groom. None other than Wedding Crashers’ butterscotch stallion, Owen Wilson, will play the guest who has every intention of outstaying his welcome…

After Independence Day, Godzilla and The Day After Tomorrow, German lensman Roland Emmerich has made his name with gargantuan set-pieces. So it’s no surprise he’s autographed the dotted line to direct 10,000 BC.

The story follows a young man embarking on a journey into the unknown to save his perishing tribe. Oh, and this being the movies, he manages to fall in love in the process. John Orloff (Band Of Brothers) is adapting the idea from Emmerich and composer Harold Kloser (The Day After Tomorrow).

Something tells us these primitive tribesfolk are going to speak perfect English. With perhaps an American twang? Just a hunch…

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