Peach is a biker chick

Oct 10, 2007

New screens of Mario Kart Wii's new vehicles have emerged today and offer the first glimpse of the newly-added motorbikes. Check out Peach's ride below. It's going to feel a bit odd at first riding bikes at such low speeds, especially when we're used to Project Gotham Racing 4's super-fast horses of steel, but if any game can do it right, it's Mario Kart.

The rest of the new screens show impressive draw distance on some big jumps and some ultra-cute Shy Guys taking a ski-lift while the racers battle it out below. Hit theimages tabto see them all. And if you missed out on the other Mario Kart and Nintendo details from the games giant's autumn news conference, check out the story here.

Above: Peach's pink bike looks pretty fast... shouldn't she be wearing a helmet? Tut tut, Nintendo...