PC Gamer's Giftinator 3000

Recently unearthed in the PC Gamer vaults, the Giftinator 3000’s advanced artificial intelligence takes input in the form of a person’s favorite PC games, then uses this data to output ideal gift suggestions in handy tear-off strips. Research indicates that the Giftinator 3000 has a success rate of 99.94 percent, so this holiday season, let science do the shopping for you!

The laid back approach
Favorite games such as: Spore... Crazy Machines 2... Line Rider... Portal... Tiger Woods PGA Tour... The Wonderful End of the World... Peggle Nights... The Sims 2... Quake Wars... Audiosurf... LEGO Batman... Insecticide...

MaxFire Pandora Pro Folding Gamepad

When folded, it’s smaller than a roll of Scotch tape, yet this wee gamepad still packs a directional stick, “turbo” button for auto repeat, shoulder buttons, and vibration effects. Comes with a slick retractable USB cable, too. The James Bond of porta-pads! $19.99

Solio Charger

Only cave dwellers would pass up a charger/battery hybrid that soaks up the rays and turns them into portable power for charging cell phones, MP3 players, and any device that charges through a USB port (including the iPhone). $99.95

Bubble Wrap

For the loved one afflicted with mild obsessive-compulsive disorder, the Bubble Wrap keychain simulates the prodigiously satisfying experience of popping bubble wrap for hours on end. $8.99

USB Heated Shawl

The USB-powered Heated Shawl wraps around your arms and can be buttoned in the center, turning a frosty morning into a personal hot zone. She’ll love it. He’ll pretend not to, and use it in private. $28.95


By far the most lifelike and cuddly of all the domestic robots. The Pleo responds to touch, plays tug-of-war with you, and will even learn to do tricks… until the day comes when it and the Roomba rise up and take over. $349


When a gaming laptop kicks into fourth gear, you’re essentially roasting “the boys” over a spit. Belkin’s padded CushTop is the best laptop heat interceptor we’ve ever used; it’s comfy, cushy, and has a pocket for storing mice, manuals, or Fig Newtons. $34.99