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Paul Greengrass quits Bourne 4

The slow development of the fourth Jason Bourne flick took another hit today as director Paul Greengrass - a man as intricately linked to the films as star Matt Damon himself - walked out on the project in a row over the script.

Details are still sketchy, but it would appear that Greengrass wasn't happy when Universal brought in up-and-coming writer Josh Zetumer to work on a 'parallel' screenplay for the film, rewriting the one already penned by Ocean's 12 's George Nolfi.

Greengrass has already been under pressure from Universal over the way he's handled the budget on the forthcoming Green Zone , which has suffered reshoots and a $150 million pricetag.

If Greengrass has left Bourne 4 for good (and it's early days yet - he could be lured back), Damon could well decide to remain loyal to him and refuse to shoot with anyone else.

Pure speculation, of course, but Greengrass has made the franchise his own and it's hard to imagine anyone else swinging in to the rescue.

Unless, that is, Bourne Identity director Doug Liman fancies a break from Jumper 2 and mourning his cancelled Knight Rider TV reboot...

Without Greengrass, will Bourne be the same? Should Damon stick by his side? Sound off below...