Patty Jenkins talks Star Wars: Rogue Squadron "pressure" and why there won’t be a Wonder Woman 1984 director’s cut

Patty Jenkins
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Patty Jenkins might be fresh from directing Wonder Woman 1984, but she’s already been announced to be helming a new Star Wars project, titled Rogue Squadron. The director has spoken about her feelings heading into the galaxy far, far away, and, despite admitting the Wonder Woman sequel was “a little bit tighter” than she would’ve liked, has shot down the chances of a director’s cut.

Speaking to Yahoo! Entertainment about if she's feeling more pressure as the saga's first female director, Jenkins said: “I feel a huge amount of pressure to make a great Star Wars film, of course. The fan base is amazing and massive and that’s no small task. That’s really what I think about.”

The director also explained how her two DCEU films have prepared her for a Star Wars project: “If I can be in a groundbreaking position to pave the way for other people, that’s amazing. I hope that I get to do that. Luckily [Wonder Woman and Wonder Woman 1984] were not no pressure, either. 

"So I’ve gotten pretty used to the fact that there’s really nothing you can do about it. You just have to try to make a great film and really be diligent about keeping your eye on the ball and always making sure you’re thinking about everything. So I will carry forward and try to make a great movie.”

As for a Wonder Woman 1984 director’s cut, don’t hold your breath for one to arrive – Jenkins was upfront with Collider that it won't be happening: “No. I wouldn't even want to.” She elaborated that she enjoys the slower-paced movies of old, so all an extended cut would include would be slightly longer scenes that don’t change much overall.  

Considering Wonder Woman 1984 clocks in at an impressive 155 minutes, it makes sense that there’s not much left on the cutting room floor – not like the situation with Zack Snyder’s Justice League, which is shaping up to be mega-long.

Wonder Woman 1984 arrives December 25 in the US, and stars Gal Gadot in the title role, as well as Kristen Wiig as Cheetah, and Pedro Pascal as Maxwell Lord. 

Pascal is another Wondy and Star Wars alum, considering his role in The Mandalorian, which is set to drop its season finale this week – and you can check out our The Mandalorian season 2 release schedule to make sure you don’t miss out.

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