Part one of Driv3r movie available now

Atari have released part one Run the Gauntlet, the series of short movies 'inspired' by Driv3r.

Unlike the earlier trailers we've seen, this two-minute sequence doesn't actually contain any in-game footage and is based entirely around live action. Be warned: the acting and, indeed, the storyline are somewhat on the cheesy side although, to be fair, that's probably missing the point.

Which is, naturally, that it's an excuse for some super-cool car chases - in this episode, keep an eye out for the police car that appears from nowhere and then proceeds to flip over. Five times.

Run the Gauntlet is available from the , although you'll have to register in order to access it. In the run-up to the release of the game itself in a couple of months, another two episodes of the mini-movie will also be made available.

Driv3r will be released for PS2 and Xbox in March