Paradise City announced

While we gamers have no shortage of games centered around thugs and bullies, sometimes all you need is a unique angle to pique your interest. Paradise City has just such a niche. You play as one of three troubled souls, charged with infiltratinganout of contorlcriminal underworld by an equally shady government agency. As the three charcters' stories overlap, you'll manage gangs, collect bribes, and spill the blood of those who stand in the way of your rise to gangland stardom.

But the road to being kingpin is paved with broken thumbs. Expect to see knees shattered, skulls cracked and backs stabbed -possibly in a most literal manner -in order to maintain your clout on the street. Touting itself as story-driven,plot twists and double, nay, triple-crosses are to be expected, as well as a surprise ending you'll want to ruin for friends. And try as we might, we couldn't refrain fromthe obligatory GNR reference, so here goes: Clicking on the Images tab above will take you home to the Paradise City pictures.

January 26, 2007