Many modern gamers are uninterested in classically-styled point-and-click adventure games. And admittedly, simply wandering around gorgeous, pre-rendered backgrounds and mouse-clicking on various bits of the set to see what happens isn't exactly an adrenaline rush.

However, these games can still tell a great story and offer up some clever puzzles, so we're glad a few people are still crafting them. Paradise is the latest from afellow named Benoit Sokol, known by some as the marquee mind behind the game Syberia, one of the more beloved recent entries into this genre.

Paradise is somewhat unique in that it’s set in deepest Africa, in the fictional country of Madargane (and judging by the local fauna, the place isn’t just fictional but in an alternate universe as well). You play as Ann Smith, a young woman journeying home to rejoin her father, a dictator whose political situation is growing shakier by the minute. Unfortunately, somewhere along the way Ann’s plane is shot down, apparently by rebels. Fished out of the wreck by local Bedouins, she awakens in the lavish, Arabian-style palace of "The Prince" - in his harem, natch - where she finds herself quite comfortable, but a virtual prisoner.

And (wait for it…) she’s also suffering from complete amnesia, and has to figure out not only how to regain her freedom, but her identity as well. Groan