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Panel Bashing

The new weekly blog from SFX 's sister mag Comic Heroes ...

Here at Comic Heroes , we’re happy in our work. Slowly filling our corner of the SFX empire with new releases, our bellies full of milky tea and hands black with ink, we chip away at the comic coalface like hardy dwarves who’ve swapped pickaxes for keyboards and become obsessed with Bryan Talbot. Sometimes, when energy reserves are low, we snack on tasty treats before throwing ourselves back into our task with a verve and vigour rarely encountered outside of a Skins set on sex scene day. Once, we had Twinkies.

Thankfully, all this hard work and irregular snacking has borne exquisite fruit. Comic Heroes 5 is nearing completion, and lordy there are treats a plenty in store for you. We’ve gone green this issue, as green as it is possible to go without committing unspeakable acts with a slutty shrubbery, and it’s all in honour of the Green Lantern . We’ve lovingly compiled a guide to the essential stories and a guide to the history of Sector 2814’s finest. We’ll be telling you ten reasons why the film will rock your socks off, and we’ve even bagged an interview with long-time Green Lantern artist and all round industry legend Dave Gibbons .

Elsewhere, Brit comic overlord Pat Mills has dived head first into the world of girls comics and emerged with a feature worthy of one of the best writers ever to have grafted between the gutters, and we’ve assembled some of 2000AD ’s finest to gauge their reactions to the first pictures to emerge from the set of the new Judge Dredd movie.

We’ve also taken a stroll through the artwork of lady lovin’ Italian artist Milo Manara , put together a bluffers guide to Daredevil and poured over the archives to bring you a history of Marvel’s magnificent mutants, the X-Men . On top of all that loveliness, a mere matter of hours ago, a four page interview with Kick Ass creator and Civil War kingpin Mark Millar landed on the desk of our glorious leader Jes, and we can confirm it’s a doozey. We’ve also reviewed all the essential new releases from across the comic book multiverse and somehow found time to compile a fresh new ‘how to’ guide (covering colouring this month, art hounds).

This month’s clutch of freebies are enough to make a man dizzy, and include our regular previews mag Sidekick and the entire first volume of seminal French title XIII , lovingly translated and released in dear old Blighty by those ever-helpful folks at Cinebook.

So, in summary, we’re feeling pretty pleased with ourselves at the moment as we ready the printing presses to receive our latest issue. As the more observant among you will have noticed, Comic Heroes will be arriving in your eager hands on a bi-monthly basis from now on, thus fulfilling our fiendish scheme to fill your 2011 with more comic-based capers than you can wave an inky stick at.