Palworld Xbox players were apparently doing too much for the survival game to handle, so console saves over 16MB had to be patched

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If you're a Palworld player on Xbox, an important patch has been rolled out to ensure that your save data is actually saving correctly, after some players started to see things go awry when their data got a bit too big for the game to handle. 

There's no doubt that in gaming, there's little worse than losing your progress, whether that's in a worst-case scenario like your entire file going kaput, or even just a couple of hours lost thanks to a crash or power cut. Well, according to Palworld's most recent patch notes, until the last update (v0.1.5.2), there was a chance of Xbox players' saves not actually being recorded correctly if they exceeded 16MB. 

Of course, 16MB really isn't much—in fact, it's more than 1,000 times smaller than the Xbox version of the game's full download size. However, it was clearly causing issues internally, but as long as you have the latest update installed, it should no longer be a problem. So, feel free to continue chucking Pal Spheres at everything you come across and breeding Pals until you get your perfect Relaxaurus. 

The latest Xbox patch was, overall, rather small—the only other fix was for a multiplayer-related bug that could make the game crash. That said, these were definitely crucial changes to make and should seriously improve the Xbox experience.

As it's still in early access, plenty more content is set to arrive in Palworld in the future. In fact, a previously shared roadmap revealed that PvP and endgame raids are on the way, amongst other things. 

Just last week, Pocketpair community manager 'Bucky' teased that "some very cool things" are going to arrive "very soon," and while no hints were given as to what these things might be, it's certainly an exciting mystery. 

Be sure to check out our guide to the best Palworld base locations and upgrades for some top tips. 

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