Palworld breeder mad with power creates peak Lamball with rare traits to gift their wife: "No points in Work Speed since doing work is beneath God"

Three sheep from Palworld stand behind machine guns
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One Palworld breeder has created an unholy ball of destruction as a gift to their wife.

On the survival hit's main subreddit, user shuja shared that their wife "loves Lamball," the fluffy sheep Pal that adorably looks like a ball of wool. The wife loves the little critter so much, in fact, that the player "decided to breed her the Ball of God," otherwise known as the strongest Lamball in the known universe.

The Ball of God's stats are impressive enough, with its attack, defense, and health pool all thoroughly maxed out. Work speed, on the other hand, sits at a poor 35 because "doing work is beneath God," according to its creator.

My wife loves Lamball so much that I decided to breed her the Ball of God. from r/Palworld

What's more frightening are the Ball of God's frankly overpowered passive skills, or traits. Ball of God is equipped with Ferocious, Legend, Musclehead, and Celestial Emperor, all traits that boost attack power by 20% or more. Musclehead also reduces work speed by a whopping 50%, but this holy ball has no use for efficient manual labor anyway.

Commenters on the subreddit post were expectedly very, very normal and not at all fanatical about our new holy lamb overlord. But examples like Ball of God show how fun and flexible Palworld's customization can be, and I imagine these situations will only become more outlandish and broken when the multiplayer Pal versus Pal arena launches. 

Thankfully developer Pocketpair patched out a recent bug that forced negative traits onto bred Pals that were usually reserved for wild ones. Elsewhere, another creative player recently kept a gold farm running for 900 hours, netting them well over a million gold since launch. 

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