Pac-Man Museum Plus collection launches in May

Pac-Man Museum Plus, an upgraded collection of classic Pac-Man games, is launching in May, Bandai Namco has announced.

In a new Pac-Man Museum Plus trailer, Bandai Namco set a May 27 release date for Pac-Man Museum Plus. It'll launch simultaneously on PS4, Nintendo Switch, PC, Xbox One (and Xbox Game Pass), with forward compatibility for PS5 and Xbox Series X. The above trailer shows the titular anthropomorphic pizza (that's right, look it up) gallivanting around the customizable virtual arcade that serves as your home base in the collection of games.

Pac-Man Museum Plus is an upgraded version of the original Pac-Man Museum from 2014. The upcoming release includes an additional five Pac-Man games, bringing the total to 14 games in total, and it also boasts a new interactive interface in the form of that spiffy virtual arcade.

Most significantly, it seems like the virtual arcade adds an element of progression that wasn't in the original Pac-Man Museum collection. Instead of just chasing that sweet high score - although ultimately, bragging rights are undeniably the purest form of progression - you can also build out your own dream arcade. By playing Pac-Man games and completing special missions, you'll earn coins which can be used to buy additional arcade machines, decorations, and gacha prizes.

Pac-Man Museum Plus lets you customize your virtual arcade's flooring, wallpaper, layout, and soundtrack (via the in-game jukebox), which includes select hits from the iconic series' surprisingly robust track list. There are also five bonus Pac-Man virtual figurines available as a launch bonus if you buy the game within 30 days of launch.

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