OXM podcast with CliffyB, Shane Kim

This week's KOXM podcast from our in-house friends at Official Xbox Magazine was expected to be a biggie, what with the release of Gears of War this week and all, but they surprised even us. First they've got an interview with Gears designer/fashionista CliffyB, who modestly declares that Gears "is a milestone for entertainment." Then he gets kinda dirty, talking about hand jobs and stuff. It's fun.

Then Microsoft Game Studios head guy Shane Kim and Xbox Live marketing guru Aaron Greenberg break down exactly what's happening with the Xbox Live Marketplace video initiative. How big will those downloadable files be? Are you buying movies or just renting them? And does this mean you're going to need a bigger hard drive? All is revealed, straight from the source.

Oh, and they're giving away an HDTV, so if you'd like one of those, listen for the details of how to win. The KOXM podcast is available through iTunes or directly from http://www.oxmpodcast.com.

November 10, 2006