Owen Wilson: soldier of misfortune

He might have the number one film in America this week, but it’s only his tonsils doing the work – and he has a little bit of help from the fine folk at Pixar.

But Owen Wilson's not stupid – he’s signing back up with lesser members of the comedy mafia for a new laugh-fest. Drillbit Taylor follows two new high schoolers that are bullied on the very first day they arrive. Plotting revenge, they hire a man they think is a low-rent soldier of fortune (Wilson), who turns out to be more of a zero than a hero.

It’s got quite a pedigree – The 40-Year-Old Virgin director/writer Judd Apatow is producing, and the script – by Virgin’s Seth Rogen and former Friends staff-writer Chris Brown – is based on a treatment penned by no lesser comedy god than John Hughes.

Steven Brill, who last brought us Without A Paddle, is in talks to direct. If he signs, he’ll start work in September so the movie can be released next summer.

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