Overwatch's new Italian map reveal seems to have been delayed

Overwatch 2
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Overwatch developer Blizzard has seemingly delayed plans to release a new Overwatch map set in Italy.

In a since-deleted exclusive news post that had been published on Dexerto, Blizzard was reportedly due to drop a "surprise" Deathmatch map called Malvento onto the test server on July 22, and roll out publicly on August 17.

"The stunning map is set in an Italian mountainside with lush surroundings spanning as far as the eye can see," the website said in a now-deleted story. "In the very center of the new location is a secret Talon base that players will fight around.

"As a daytime battleground, you’ll be soaking up the sun as Malevento stands out as one of the more vibrant maps in Overwatch to date," it adds, confirming that "the new area features a mix of both tight corridors and more open outdoor areas, leading to a blend of close-quarters combat while still leaving the door open for the likes of Widowmaker to excel from afar" (thanks, Eurogamer).

Blizzard has not publicly commented on why the map was not rolled out as planned.

ICYMI, Blizzard recently confirmed that while Overwatch 2 is still expected to release on Nintendo Switch, developing the shooter for Nintendo's system is "a little more challenging than some", and the team may "make some compromises".

The news came courtesy of an Overwatch 2 AMA on Reddit, in which key members of the development team took time to respond to fan questions about the hotly-anticipated sequel.

Overwatch crossplay is finally a reality, five years after the game's release. Unfortunately, there's no cross-progression right now, so keep that in mind when making plans to team up with friends.

As we explained at the time, Overwatch seems to be taking a very specific approach to allow players to team up across various platforms. The current lack of cross-progression is disappointing, not to mention missing opt-out options for PC players, but at least competitive matches will remain evenly matched. You can find more details in the newly minted Overwatch crossplay FAQ, and don't forget that Overwatch 2 maps will feature dynamic times of day and weather

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