Overwatch 2 becomes Quake thanks to Sojourn, and fans love her

Overwatch 2
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Overwatch 2's Sojourn is already proving an immensely popular addition to the game, and players are already declaring her one of the best heroes in Overwatch's history.

Sojourn's primary weapon is a railgun, where a fast-firing primary attack charges up a hitscan secondary which can quickly melt opponents. She's got a power slide that can help you quickly get around the map, an AOE attack that adds to the effectiveness of her main weapon, and an ultimate that lets you rapidly fire off those big railgun shots.

That combination of fast movement and devastating railgun have old-school FPS fans reminiscing about Quake, one of the most important and influential multiplayer shooters ever built.

While the original Overwatch tried to expand the genre to new players with objective-based modes and strategic use of tanks and healers, Overwatch 2 is seemingly throwing back to a faster-paced school of FPS design, and the way Sojourn rewards twitch skill is emblematic of that change in philosophy.

We'll see what that change means for the long term health of the game in the months and years ahead, but for now, players are having an absolute blast putting Sojourn to the test.

While players have been quick to label the newly-reworked Orisa as OP, despite Sojourn's strength and popularity she hasn't really been subject to the same sort of criticism. There's, like, one person on Reddit describing Sojourn as broken, which is honestly a pretty impressive stat for the launch of a new character in a venerable multiplayer arena.

Also, the world really likes Sojourn's laugh.

Of course, all this praise for Sojourn is coming from the lucky few who've been able to play the game at all. The Overwatch 2 queue times have been extensive, and DDoS attacks have ensured that it remains a challenge to get in at all.

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