It hasn't taken long for Overwatch 2 players to declare Orisa OP

Overwatch 2
(Image credit: Activision)

Overwatch 2 players are convinced Orisa is a bit too strong.

After launching just yesterday on October 4 around the world, it hasn't taken long for some Overwatch 2 players to declare a new meta surrounding the sequel shooter. One popular character in the early hours of the game appears to be hefty Tank character Orisa.

Simply head to Twitter (opens in new tab), and you can find numerous Overwatch 2 players insisting Orisa is either "broken" or "cracked," and that they've accumulated massive amounts of damage with the character. It certainly seems as though Orisa is one of the shooter's most popular Tank characters at launch from the range of Overwatch 2 characters and roles.

This is despite the fact that Blizzard actually removed Orisa's shield ability in Overwatch 2. The post-launch character in the original game came equipped with a damage-blocking shield, but that's all gone in the sequel, which some players feared would make the Tank completely redundant.

That seemingly doesn't matter anymore. Plenty of players on social media are now declaring Orisa to be one of the more fun characters to play in the whole of Overwatch 2, which is a pretty big turnaround considering Orisa never saw those levels of popularity in the original game, even when it was at its peak.

We'll have to see if Blizzard makes any changes to Orisa in the future, but it's undoubtedly early days for the hero shooter sequel right now. Right now, Blizzard might well be working to combat a number of Overwatch 2 error codes, after a DDoS attack on Overwatch 2's servers last night made servers unstable for millions around the world.

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