Outriders pre-load times: Here's when you can start downloading and playing

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The Outriders pre-load times and launch times have been confirmed, and players who lost their Legendary weapons through a glitch in the demo should get them back before launch.

People Can Fly shared all the details for the launch of itsupcoming loot-based shooter in an extensive Reddit thread. The thread includes details on when you can start downloading the game early (or if, depending on where you bought it), when specifically you can start playing depending on your region, and current plans for patches for Day 1 and beyond. First up, here are all the currently confirmed Outriders pre-load times.

Outriders pre-load times

  • Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One: Pre-loading begins today
  • PS5 and PS4: Pre-loading begins 48 hours ahead of release time (see below)
  • Steam: People Can Fly is still determining if and how Outirders pre-loading will work on Steam
  • Epic Games Store: Pre-loading will not be available

Outriders launch times

  • PlayStation and Xbox: Outriders will launch at midnight on April 1 in your country's region (likely EDT for the US).
  • PC and Stadia: Outriders will launch simultaneously on April 1 at 9 am PDT / noon EDT / 5 pm BST.

Outriders Legendary item restoration

You'll be able to carry forward all of your characters and items from the Outriders demo to the full game, which made a glitch that could cause items to disappear from players' inventories extra troubling. People Can Fly has since fixed the issue, and there's more good news for players who lost out on powerful gear: the current round of server maintenance should restore any Legendary weapons that you may have lost as a result of the glitch. If your precious is still missing, drop People Can Fly a reply on this sub-thread.

If you have Xbox Game Pass, congrats: you'll be able to play Outriders on day one.

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