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Out To Sea review

How do they do it? While most men their age are pottering about the garden with a trowel or yelling '"house!'" down the local bingo hall, the Grey Pack of Walter Matthau and Jack Lemmon are still cranking out the movies. They show no signs of stopping, even at sea in their latest screen outing. Matthau plays Charlie, a pensionable gigolo, who signs both himself and widower pal Herb (Lemmon) onto a cruise as dance instructors. Half-an-hour in and it's easy to see that this waterborne farce is just Grumpy Old Men At Sea; two chalk and cheese characters, armed with an arsenal of wise-cracks and slapstick tomfoolery, playing the same loveable, accident-prone fools that they've always played. '"I saw the way you were looking at my daughter's chest'," says a disgruntled woman. "'I used to be a cardiologist'," quips Matthau in reply. Hilariously funny if you've got a bus pass. Probably.

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