Otherworld review

Five years in the making, Otherworld blends live action with animation to re-tell a series of Welsh legends.

Dan (Daniel Evans), Rhiannon (Jenny Livsey) and Lleu (Matthew Rhys) put aside their domestic problems to celebrate Lleu's 18th birthday with a boat trip. Then the guys spot an island floating beneath the water - the legendary gateway to Otherworld - and dive in, only to become cartoon characters who find themselves involved in a succession of folkloric tales.

It's a neat enough premise and the stories have their charms - they're the sort of thing Jackanory used to do well, relying on the power of the words and some hand-drawn illustrations. Unfortunately, any magic there may have been here is obliterated by the stilted acting and .the abysmal animation, reminiscent of public information films circa 1976.

It would be lovely to report that the wonderful world of Welsh animation is set to rival Disney. The reality is more like comparing Llandudno to Malibu.

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