Make the Oscars more interesting with a drinking game


If you wouldn't dream of missing the Oscars, but dread the tediously long ceremony of gushing celebrities and awkward jokes, I've got a suggestion for you: Alcohol.

Now before you start running for the liquor cabinet, let's take a moment to remember that while a beer or two will definitely make the Oscars more interesting, multiple shots of whiskey (and more) will likely lead to things you'll regret in the morning.

All together now, drink responsibly!

Ok, now that's out of the way, check out GamesRadar+'s rules for drinking during the Oscars. Feel free to share your rambling thoughts and outraged opinions in the comments below as the night progresses...

Take a drink:

Every time La La Land wins anything.

John Travolta is creepy.

The orchestra tries to play someone off stage.

Someone makes a #OscarsSoWhite joke.

You claim an animation nominee is "brilliant" even though you’ve never seen it.

When you nod off.

When the camera catches someone nodding off.

When you really wish things like 10 Cloverfield Lane got nominated.

Every time you remember how good Ghostbusters was.

One of the losing nominees shows clear signs that they were robbed.

The camera cuts to some old guy no one has any idea about.

Someone pauses for a second with a look of blank terror on their face because someone/thing has missed a cue.

Down your drink:

When Arrival loses... obviously.

Someone trips J-Law style.


Someone says a naughty word and the bleep police are too slow.

It's finally over.

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