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Think Flesh Gordon meets Batman. Throw in a bit of Boogie Nights. Pinch a few jokes from Steve Martin and early Woody Allen films like Sleeper. Add topless babes and more sex toys than you'll find in Soho and you've got Orgazmo - - a porno comedy from South Park creators Trey Parker and Matt Stone that's cheap, cheerful and rudely amusing.

Stone shares a producer's credit, but this is Parker's baby. He wrote it, directed it and takes the lead, and is perfectly drippy as the door-stepping Mormon-turned-porn star, who finds his Orgazmo disguise most helpful in tackling the harsh realities of LA. There are shades of Dirk Diggler's film-within-a-film antics as Brock Landers in Boogie Nights, and a lot of piss-takes are crammed into a brisk 90 minutes.

With Dian Bachar's likeable little Choda Boy as his Robin-style sidekick, Orgazmo is the Batman of blue movies, and the film spoofs the Caped Crusader, along with just about every crappy top-shelf video you'll have seen. There's even a direct lift from Steve Martin's The Man With Two Brains: when our hero asks God for a sign that he shouldn't be a porn star, the room is hit by something resembling a localised earthquake. He just ignores it.

But Parker doesn't restrict himself to copycat comedy and spoofery. Anything's good for a giggle, and he chucks hundreds of loopy jokes at the screen to see if they stick. Many do. The best revolve around the faintly ridiculous world of adult movies (Wanna know about double-anal? Then this is the film for you), but the pot shots at Bible-bashers come a close second. "'Jesus and I love you'," says Joe's girlfriend down the phone from Utah, unaware of what he's really up to in the porn capital of the world.

Jesus may not approve, but South Park fans - and anyone who likes their humour crass and low-brow - will certainly love this.

A deliberately stoopid sex comedy for South Park fanatics and anyone who fondly remembers the tongue-in-cheek porno antics of Flesh Gordon. Short, snappy and tackier than Ann Summers' undies, it's a laff-riot. Just don't expect high art.

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