Orcs & Elves sieges Nintendo DS and mobile phones

For the LARPer on the go, EA and id Software have foretold the coming of Orcs%26amp; Elves II, the sequel to one of last year's best received mobile games. Even more relevant, they've announced the original is headed to the Nintendo DS. While the mobile version is getting the sequel treatment, the better-than-perfectly-suited DS is getting an expanded, exclusive version of the original.

Last year, Orcs%26amp; Elves won several "Mobile Game of the Year" awards for its well executed combination of epic fantasy storytelling and detailed visuals (in spite of the obvious grapical limitations). The first-person sword smiting and RPG tactics should be a breezy transition for the DS and even the mobile version has been tweaked to take advantage of the current 3D technologies. Look for it later this year.

Above: You're damn right he did!

July 12, 2007