Orange Film Studios releases remade Ryan

Orange Film Studios is causing controversy again, this time with its new release, Saving Private Ryan’s Number, the debut film from Mr Dresden.

“Listen, we loved the original,” Dresden said. “Loved its power, loved all the shouting and running around and general mayhem. But, you know, if they really wanted to find this Ryan guy, why didn’t somebody just call him?”

Which makes about as much sense as asking why Columbus bothered with a boat and didn't just fly to America instead.

Never-the-less, the studio exec continued: “So we decided to remake it, only this time, the crux of the story is that nobody’s saved Ryan’s mobile number. That’s where all the trouble starts.”

We tend to think the trouble started at the concept meeting, but we'll take your word for it Dresden.

This take on World War II has upset a number of historians, who have questioned the validity of using mobile phones in the Battle of Normandy. Because, y'know, they didn't exist.

But Dresden defended his choices: “Great cinema is all about communication. What better way to communicate than with the mobile phone? Hello? Do these people need me to draw them a picture?”

Dresden also confirmed that Orange is working on new war movie Text Messages From Iwo Jima, as well as rom-com You’ve Got Voicemail.

“People’ll be crying when they see it,” he said of the latter. “Really crying. Properly crying.” Stating the obvious there, Dresden.

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